How to create more than consume

May 20, 2020

To create more than to consume is a mindset I adopted because creation is more fulfilling than consumption. I’m one month into creating more and here is what I’ve done, what’s working, and the challenges encountered so far.

What am I creating?

To create more than to consume led to some habit changes:


What are the benefits of those changes?

  • Memorable experiences: everyday is exciting because I created a blog post/comic/app
  • Faster skill development: creating apps necessitate just in time learning, and can lead to additional income streams
  • Healthier habits: to accomplish all these while employed, I eat smaller, healthier meals to keep up the energy, and take exercise breaks to recharge


Creating is more challenging than consuming, and it is worth the challenge:

  • Consumption is easier, yet creation is more fulfilling
  • Creating is too time consuming, and the results are more rewarding
  • The creation is ugly; be aware of implicit comparisons, they are unfair and unproductive


Here are my 3 ways of creation, and their purpose:

  1. Create apps. Start as weekend projects
  2. Write blog posts. To chronicle why, the what, and the how
  3. Comics. Some thoughts are more impactful with words and pictures


How to measure daily productivity?

  • # of pages written: whenever I put the pen to paper thoughts pour out. This is the raw material. I target 6 pages of original writing, excluding notes
  • # of blog posts published: shaping the raw material into clear thoughts
  • # of comics created: this necessitates drawing, a different and more concise medium than words alone
  • # of git commits? to show growing coding skills, but quantity doesn’t imply quantity

Can consumption fuel creation?

Mindful consumption can lead to quality creation. The key is to time-bound consumption and specify a clear deliverable.

  • Books: reading standing up makes me read faster. I also note down key points, which can jumpstart a blog post/app/comic
  • Research to write blog posts: ie. top 10 female tech bloggers to learn from
  • App UX: what are the similar published apps? Which features to refine and build?

That is how I’m creating more, what about you? Do you enjoy creating more than consuming? Which primary ways do you create?