Personal finance blogs I'm reading during the epidemic

June 09, 2020

Given that libraries in the Bay Area are still closed, and purchasing books take time and energy, I’ve focused on learning more about investments online. Here are some of my favorite blog posts from vetted bloggers.

Why I don’t like investment advisors. This is the best article on what can go wrong working with an investment advisor. I’m sure there are good advisors out there, but picking a good investment advisor is just as hard, if not harder, than picking good stocks. Also, no one cares about your money as much as you.

Get started with ultra learning. I’m a big fan of learning quickly and deeply. The biggest takeaway is to prioritize a direction to learn instead of sticking to spefic goals, since goals change with time. An attack plan and schedule is essential, like what I did with creating the React Native app. This post reminds me of do the real thing and are you reading to procrastinate. I also admire the author Scott H. Young’s vast repository of blog posts organized by topic; it shows dedication. I don’t agree with all of his posts, including this one: if you want to be an author, don’t start writing; a published author needs to have connections with publishers, but he/she has to be a prolific writer too. Both the skill and network are essential.

Two types of growth. For example running is logarithmic so the law of diminishing returns apply, while building a business doesn’t have the same plateau. It’s useful to know the different types of growth for prioritization. Another favorite blog post is 25 thinking models to generate more ideas. More ideas prioritized well means better output.

Moneylab timeline. This is the funniest timeline I’ve seen, detailing the author’s startup journey in the last 11 years. This is an inspirational read with concise text and colorful background.

How to amass $1 million by age 30. Very impressed by Financial Samurai’s overview on achieving this milestone, especially since he lived in NYC and San Francisco, two of the most expensive cities in the US. A big goal of mine is to replicate this. Also entertaining read on investing in the stock market: How To Make A Lot Of Money In The Stock Market And Still Feel Bad.

21 activities to focus on the future. Also great for generating blog post ideas! My favorites are Set A Monthly Theme and List of Your “Why’s” For Financial Independence. The author is also a web developer, like me. I’m a big fan of his investment rules and mistakes, because we can learn from others’ investment rules. Another favorite post of his is 2017 fall investment report, showing his financial progress over the years with a spending report. I’m always curious how others spend so these were a joy to read.

Biggest lessons from 1 year in retirement, from a female FIRE blogger. Personal finance is a heavily male-dominated field so it is refreshing to find a female voice. I’m curious about the FIRE community because of their practical and transparent take on money and lifestyle. Favorite learnings include how there are more hours in the day to spend more, and how more time together doesn’t make for instant harmony, something I’ve learned from being cooped up with my partner during the epidemic. See the book review for exercises from the author’s book.