What does Anny do?

Anny speaks, writes, and draws comics about the intersection of technology and art. She played the bagpipes. She was also trilingual at age of twelve, having lived on three continents (Asia, Europe, and Canada). Now she is bilingual and works as a software engineer.

She has an insatiable apetite for software projects, personal finance, and comics, ie. how to pack the maximum punch into pictures and words.

Anny graduated with a degree in Computing Science and Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.

Did you play the bagpipes?

Yes I did. For 7 years. This is a video me playing the Canadian anthem on the bagpipes.

Here is another video of me playing Amazing Grace with the wonderful Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.


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Speaking Engagements

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Why do I write this blog?

After several on-off attempts to blog, I revived this blog during the Christmas break in 2017, after my grandfather passed away. If my grandfather had blogged, I can learn more about him even after his passing. By chronicling my life, if anyone is curious, they can reach a part of me.

A less sentimental reason is to have a repository of well-chronicled answers to the usual questions. It is pragmatic to point people to articles instead of regurgitating on the spot.

Happy reading!