19 Reasons Why I Blog

Bloggers have a unique set of reasons as to why they spend time to refine their blog. Here are my reasons.

  1. To improve writing, design, web development, and drawing skills
  2. To explore the self, and indulge in self-expression: leave no song unsung, no wine untasted
  3. Make time for self-reflection
  4. Invest in a scalable way of sharing ideas and values
  5. incentivize myself to do something worth writing about
  6. Join the self-publishing by blogging bandwagon
  7. Share progress on personal projects
  8. Doing the above improves my resume, which is better than spending time watching youtube kitten videos
  9. Create instead of consume
  10. Practice the editing skills I learned in the tech writing class
  11. Sharpen idea-pitching skills (essentially, every post is a pitch)
  12. Sharpen touch-typing skills
  13. Use reflection to ge the most out of life
  14. To remember where I came from
  15. To create something beautiful
  16. To contribute to open source
  17. To give back, and say thanks
  18. To create a time capsule, capable of recreating a step in the journey. One cannot step into the same river twice, but one can document each event
  19. To romanticise, and to appreciate, the present

I choose to live a grand life, and to publish my adventures. This means if people want to listen, they will hear a wondeful story.