What is Success?

Success is like happiness: it is ephemeral and elusive. The pursuit of success or happiness makes the world go around. I have been trying to define success for 6 years, and wrote this to clarify popular misconceptions about success.

Success means being gainfully employed

False. When one does not have a job, they have more time to explore the world, and to enjoy their time.

Financial security is a prerequisite for success

True: the longer one can live without additional funds, the more free one is from the pressure to make immediate cash.

Success means being high up in the corporate ladder

This depends on why the person is in a high corporate position. If one is fighting others in the rat race, they won’t feel successful. Otherwise if a person is working at a high capacity to fully express themselves, the tone is different, and thus more successful.

To sum up, to be successful, one needs to escape the rat race. Watch this ted video. You’ll realize that happiness and success comes from a frame of mind, a mindset, not from money or status. By making smart life choices, one gets closer to living life to the fullest.