Why Programming is Fun

How did I get into computing science? networking with people. I found girls who were into programming, thus encouraged, I stuck thorugh with computing science courses, and found that I did well in them, and I liked programming.

  1. Real measure of wealth: how much you’d be worth, if you lost all your money. Computing science is in demand, there’s lots of jobs due to immense value created. You don’t have to choose between money and passion, if building things is a passion. It is one of the few areas where young people can make a difference, in a few years(or even months) Programming is also social: there’s a meetup for each kind of technology. Mingle with talks is a good way to meet other like-minded people Make new worlds: a hobby many people can appreciate

if you’re a guy trying to stop a significant other/daughter/female relative from taking programming courses, ODN’T! There’s no harm in increased employability, fun, and understanding of how a significant part of the modern world works. Even if it is a introductory course it can be very enlightening.

conferences: yay! social get together of geeks who share the particular interest. since many programmers are introverts, the content of the meetups/conferences are generally good, with supportive people. Free pizza and beer during meetups also sets the mood for interaction.