What I learned From Do You Matter

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Do you matter? How great design will make people love you company by Brunner, Emery, Hall

start with the people who will be your enduring customer: what do I want the person to feel?

Love the feel of this mac keyboard

Apple did not invent the ipod: Apple developed the iPod as a portal to valuable ongoing customer experience.

Jobs did not play the game. He changed the game.

You don’t sacrifice experience for growth; drive growth from quality of experience.

Cirque de Soleil: design based on expereince, on emotional engagement with audience.

We’ve moved from an economy of mass production, to one of mass customization. - Marty Neumeier

####Being design driven

  • awarenesss: where you are, where you need to be. What can be easily copied by others, what cannot?
  • commitment: take leap of faith
  • implementation: of new approach, and people
  • vigilance: stay fresh, tap customer needs for emotional experience

Most companies are preoccupied with differentiation, rather than trying to innovate. Doing the latter means taking hte time, investing recources, and caring enough to make something better.

Artists ship. <- Steve Jobs

Design-driven companies manufacture to the way they design, instead of designing to the way they manufacture.

Design: is a methodology to shape and create relationship between you and customer.

Designer can make one object perfectly. Needs engineers and manufacturing to scale.

How can the product be delivered to the customer, so when they unpack, they are delighted?

How customers feel:

  • make genuine and usable discovery
  • build map of ideas, opinions, assumptions
  • create stuff
  • validate assumptions: what do you want to lean, and what you can draw from it

Harley Davidson: sell lifestyle.

What customer want: great experience, feel more alive.

Brand: promises something meaningful to the customer. The promise must be kept. Brand: when a bunch of individuals have the same gut feeling. Brand: embodiment of company character

CEO: chief experience officer. Start with superior customer experience, then design organization to deliver product, or service.

Product icon and a venue. Doorway to specific community.

Reward people accordingly: if no incentive to get designa nd implementation right, won’t happen(Walmart). Cannot control how people feel. Can influence, authentically.

Jones soda: feature customer photoes. Customer feels like they have joined something. Main source of buzz: social media interaction.

###Design language is there to tell a story language: systematic means to communicate ideas/feelings, with gestures/marks with meaning

design language: defines the audience

design: create product and service to dramatize company core value, in concrete customer experience, and emotional response

Be the customer

Great products are about ideas; products are not just objects.

To build brand

  • who are you?
  • what do you do? what do you offer?
  • why does it matter? what are the qualities I communicate, and the ideas making up my product?

Appreciate people’s dreams, what they want/need.

Good language: ethos, idea. well defined vocabulary to make things fit together.

Design and build organization culture to serve. To deal with change.

Customer experience includes supply chain management: Focus: do customers respond in a way you intended? Long term: to produce instant gratification for customer Authentic Vigilant Original Repeatable

In design, risk is not a four-letter word. Need to take a chance to get anywhere.