Top 5 Intership Experiences

We are shaped by our experiences, and what wonderful experiences have I had.

Interships are the time to make mistakes, take risks, and have fun. This is the time to learn. I did all of the above at three software development internships. Who knew software development can be this fun? Here are the highlights:

  1. watching the Elastic Band Elastic Path is the only software company I know that has a rock band, made up of employees. It is also home to the Elastic Band, which has the coolest name for a company band. I got to hear these people practice, and perform. Their performance was great, the highlight of the company Christmas party. The only drawback to their performance was the length; it was over too soon. I still have the song they sang, The Journy, on my phone as a keepsake.

  2. volunteering at the Dreamforce Imagine being surrounded by enterprise salespeople in suits, standing at the crosswalk, while a homeless man enthusiastically lectures the waiting crowd on how procreation happens with a loudspeaker. This non-choreographed moment combines the well rehearsed, well-planned event with the san Francisco local atraction and spontaneity. Another highlight was seeing the CEO, a 6’4” guy that is close to 300 lbs, rehearse the keynote with all the employees watching. The conference itself was great; it was free to certain attendees, who were also eligible to get stuffed animals for learning about the products. I made cool contacts, and got a company vest that people compliment me on, after the conference.

  3. completing the Toastmasers CC Starting Toastmasters was the biggeest, non-work related takeaway from my first internship. what is fun or enjoyable about speaking on front of others? A supportive crowd, constructive feedback is fun to prepare and present to. Solid communication skills is necessary for career progression. I picked up Toastmasters again at Salesforce, and finished the CC at a breakneck pace: 6 speeches in 9 weeks. I look forward to doing more speeches, once am back in Salesforce Toastmasters. the supportive crowd was joyful to be with.

  4. playing foosball with colleagues A software company is incomplete without a foosball table, pool table, or ping pong table. I have tried all these tables, but my favorite remains the foosball table. Four people having fun is cool. I get really animated while playing. You get to break the ice with the colleagues you previously didn’t talk to.

  5. being commemorated by a slack bot During the last two months of my internship at Elastic Path, the guy beside me was funny, helpful, and nearly driven to tears by my persistent mutterings of code class names. A week before my departure, he wrote a script for Slack to spew out all my mutterings, triggered by a command tha includes my name. What an honor. A sentimental gift, were it not for the next time we met, he was working on the same set of code as I muttered. So he got to appreciate my work, while I appreciated his gesture.

None of this would have been possible without people believing in me an dhelping out along the way. I would like to thank Jacqueline and Ying, who had the conviction to go ahead and hire a student without professional experience on web developmen, to do web development at Telus. Thanks to Ivan at Elastic Path, who picked me to work with the wonderful Tony and Matt. To Tony and Matt, thanks for letting me test your patience, hopefully my contributions were worth it. Thanks to Ian and Vijay for bringing me into Salesforce, and for making the San Francisco salesforce exprience a home-run. If your name is not here, you know who you are, and it was fun working with you.

God bless.