How to be Happy

TLDR: Push the boundaries. The happiest, most exciting times are when you have no clue what you’re doing. This is a list of what works for a frugal person like myself. Each point is ranked on a scale out of 5, with 1 being a mini endorphin-shot, and 5 being so mind-blowing that you’ll remember for years.

Disclosure: these time-tested ways to get high DO NOT involve drugs.

  • presenting a prepared speech at a meetup(> 20 minutes): 4
  • presenting a prepared speech(< 10 minutes) at toastmasters: 3.5
  • going to a meetup for the first time, on a topic you’re interested in: 1
  • business travel, meeting new colleagues: 3
  • exercising: swimming or running: 2
  • getting new clothes, sustainably. Either through a second hand store, or a clothing swap: 1
  • refining blog content: 1
  • going for a walk in a sunny afternoon; seeing children play in the colorful playground, under a blue sky: 1
  • finishing homework early in the day, freeing the rest of the day up for exploring: 1
  • playing your favorite tune on a piano, even if it doesn’t sound great: 2
  • programmers: when a program, after major changes, works as expected: 2
  • programmers: after finding and squishing a bug: 2