8 Fun Facts From My First Business Trip

Who says business is 100% serious? My first trip back to San Francisco had a few low points, and many more high points. Here are the fun ones.

  1. I forgot to bring a bank card, and used all my cash to hold down the hotel room. Thankfully the office is walking distance from the hotel. Dinner consisted of 100% Salesforce pantry food, with ice cream and potato chips.

  2. Meeting and speaking with (Stewart Butterfield)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stewart_Butterfield], a tech billionaire, was unplanned and nevertheless memorable. It was made more memorable by the fact that we were in the SFO airport, and were introduced by a mutual contact, whom I first met at the airport.

  3. Meeting someone who recently graduated from the same university, and the same program, on the plane, was wonderful.

  4. It was my first-time go-karting. Out of the entire team, I was the most improved: I went from 80 secs a lap to 40 secs a lap. Nevertheless I got last place both times, plus a sore neck for the rest of the week

  5. The hotel was in the financial district, which contrasted with union square, where I lived during my stay in 2015. The former has tall buildings and rushed business people in suits, while the latter has shops and international students. I miss the latter more.

  6. The experience of dancing with a colleague at the bar was wonderful. The musicians were great, playing blues and country music.

  7. It was my first time playing pool, and it was fun playing with colleagues.

Here’s an interesting analogy of life, related to pool. Life is a series of decisions, like a game, except there is no winning or losing. There are obvious blunders to avoid, like putting the 8th call in prematurely. Sometimes there are good shots, other times there are not. Every time, just do the best you can.