The Magic of Fairmont on Nob Hill

To appreciate magic, one requires a suspension of disbelief, to believe anything is possible. For the purposes of the article, assume the Fairmont on Nob Hill is enchanted. Magic is the only explaination for the events that happened there.

The lobby of the hotel looks magical. It features a two-storey high Christmas tree, decked to the nines. The tree faces a two storey gingerbread house, surrounded by moving toy tranins. Both the gingerbread house and the tree are surrounded by merry travellers, who came to pay homage to the pretty sights.

The grounds’ magic cause people to say unexpected things. I brought a guy from the hostel to experience the fairmont on nob hill. On entering the water fountain area, he exclaimed: if he’d propose marriage to a woman at that area, she’d surely agree. I laughed at the idea, since the idea of marriage is still galaxies away. Instead my thoughts were on how to build a beautiful, enduring business, a business that delights and enchants the audience. The fact that the hotel remains one of the most revered does not escape me. The story behind the hotel is also sweet: James Fair’s daughters built a hotel for socialites, in memory of their father. The first time I was there, I pulled out a chair and sat down, to take in the sights. As the hotel is on a hill, the sights were good. Then I noticed that I wasn’t alone: there was an elderly lady in the room. We struck up a conversation. She told me what san francisco used to be, and how she’d lived in a hotel down the street, before things got really expensive. She shared why women past a certain age need wealthy boyfriends: because time is running out, they need to get the most out of life. Comfort and luxury will be worth the price. Here’s my post on being happy on a tight budget

The place is enchanting, and perhaps enchanted, as both times I went there magical things happened.

Here’s what happneed, the two times I have been there:

  1. A 70-something lady, well-dressed and enjoying life, let me know in some local attractions, and dating wisdom: women, past a certain age, cannot afford poor boyfriends
  2. A friend from hostel brought up the topic of marriage proposal, out of the blue. Subsequently we talked about women and make-up.

The ambience of the place is comforting: an old and timeless luxury.

I went to fairmont during November 2015. The lobby starred two huge, two-storey high attractions:

  1. The gingerbread house, widely advertised, with Santa’s legs sticking out of the chimney, and with toy trains going around the bottom
  2. The Christmas tree, decked to the nies, with presetnts at the bottom. This tree lent a joyous mood to the entire lobby, dressed in LED lights

Fairmont instilled in me a desire to create a business that is beautiful and financially sound(ie. command high margins).