2016 Goals

I like writing down resolutions. This list took me four months to write, from November 2015 until February 2016. It includes ambitious goals. At the end of 2016 I’ll publish how well I did.

  1. Travel more Use those 4 day weekends to go somewhere new.

  2. Publish blog If you are reading this, this goal has been accomplished.

  3. Graduate And explore the world outside Vancouver, Canada. Convocation is optional.

  4. Speak at a meetup My last meetup talk was in May 2014. Time to get back into public tech presentations.

  5. Get a talk proposal accepted at a tech conference On Javascript or text to speech(TTS). The former is from work, and the latter from play.

  6. Write 10 blog posts On life and technology. To habitually carve out time to reflect.

  7. Ship our first product My father is a career technologist. Living at home means learning from osmosis, and the goal of learning is to use our knowledge to benefit the world. Shipping a product is a realization of that goal.

  8. Visit China This would be my first trip, in over ten years.

  9. Run a half marathon, by myself, in under 2 hours I ran 5 km and 10 km races before. A half marathon is the next logical progression.

  10. Learn German Inspired by friends I made during the San Francisco internship, I am ready to catapult into the unknonwn, and learn a new langauge. Why German? Because I need a good reason to justify going back to Europe to myself. It’s culture is an alternative to the North American culture. Also the social benefits are good. The pretty timber houses and handsome soccer players are the icing on the cake.

These are the golas for 2016. They took 4 months to materialize. We will see at year end how well I fared in these.